Mission and Mandate

Mission and Mandate


The mission of the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) is to work with provincial, territorial, municipal, federal, Indigenous and private sector investor partners to transform the way infrastructure is planned, financed and delivered in Canada by:

  • Engaging private sector partners early in the planning and design process;
  • Advancing revenue-based business models, where appropriate; and
  • Exploring new and innovative approaches to project finance and delivery.


The Canada Infrastructure Bank Act sets out the Corporation’s mandate to invest, and seek to attract investment from private sector investors and institutional investors, in revenue-generating infrastructure projects that are in the public interest.

The CIB uses financial instruments including loans, equity, and where appropriate, loan guarantees to deliver federal support to projects to make them commercially viable. The CIB will provide financing and investment using a combination of these instruments depending on a project’s unique characteristics. The model is to crowd in and mobilize private and institutional capital and to relate financial returns to project usage and revenue risk.

The Government of Canada sets the high-level policy priorities for the CIB, including:

  • projects that support the Government’s current priorities to invest in public transit, trade and transportation, and green infrastructure;
  • projects that contribute to the objectives of the Investing in Canada Plan and the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change; and
  • projects generally eligible for cost sharing under federal infrastructure support programs.

Consideration will be given to potential projects appropriate for the new partnership and revenue-based funding model.

Statement of Priorities and Accountabilities

The Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Statement of Priorities and Accountabilities (SPA) to the Board and Chair of Canada Infrastructure Bank.