The Canada Infrastructure Bank  Act sets out our purpose as follows:

The purpose of the Bank is to invest, and seek to attract investment from private sector investors and institutional investors, in infrastructure projects in Canada or partly in Canada that will generate revenue and that will be in the public interest by, for example, supporting conditions that foster economic growth or by contributing to the sustainability of infrastructure in Canada.

Parliament has authorized the CIB to invest $35 billion in complex and innovative infrastructure. We will perform the following functions:

  • Act as a centre of expertise;
  • Provide advice to all levels of governments;
  • Structure proposals and negotiate agreements;
  • Invest in infrastructure projects;
  • Receive unsolicited proposals;
  • Collect and disseminate data; and
  • Foster evidence-based decision making.

Statement of Priorities and Accountabilities

The Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Statement of Priorities and Accountabilities (SPA) to the Board and Chair of Canada Infrastructure Bank.