Progress Reports

Progress Reports

The CIB team has expanded engagement with partners and stakeholders. We are providing advice to project sponsors and developing investment opportunities that address infrastructure priorities. We have unique skills and experience in infrastructure investment, and our latest update shows progress as we build a centre of expertise. We continue to focus on innovative approaches for revenue generating projects that are in the public interest.

Between April and July 2019, CIB continued to engage with public sponsors across the country; provide advice on infrastructure projects; develop investment opportunities; and announce project commitments.
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Highlights of Public Outreach – 2018/19

CIB is making significant effort to engage stakeholders, in both the public and private sectors. In the fiscal year from April 2018 to March 2019, the CIB has done 85 public speaking events to raise awareness about its role and to build partnerships with public sector sponsors and private sector investors.

Presentations at conferences and industry forums have reached more than 10,000 business and public infrastructure leaders.

The CIB has also appeared before Senate and Parliamentary Committees.

The CIB will continue to pursue opportunities to raise awareness, show transparency, and build towards investments by cooperating with partners.

Some of the groups and organizations we’ve engaged include:

Infrastructure Council Public Policy Forum’s Canada Growth Summit
Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities CanInfra Transformational Infrastructure Summit
IJGlobal’s Canadian Infrastructure Finance Forum Association of Canadian Pension Management (ACPM) National Conference
JP Morgan Annual Pension Funds Forum Federal-Provincial-Territorial Meeting of Ministers on Infrastructure
Canadian Infrastructure Law Forum Invest in Canada Initiative (Japan)
Van Horne Institute 2018 Rail to Ports Conference Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Construction and Infrastructure Law Conference
Canadian Alternative Investments for Pensions (CAIP) Quebec & Atlantic conference Association of Consulting Engineering Companies National Leadership Conference
Public Infrastructure Forum McKinsey Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) Summit
Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships Annual Conference Canada China Business Council Annual General Meeting
British Columbia Construction Roundtable Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) Annual Conference
Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs Toronto Region Board of Trade Annual Transportation Summit
Women’s Infrastructure Network (WIN) Climate Adaption Leaders Forum on Finance and Investment
Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages International Project Finance Association (IPFA)
RBC Capital Markets 3rd Annual Canadian Municipal Symposium La Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ)
First Nations Major Projects Coalition Ontario Construction Secretariat State of the Industry and Outlook Conference 2019
Global Projects Forum Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum CG/LA Infrastructure

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