City of Edmonton Building Retrofits

Green Infrastructure
Edmonton, Alberta
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City of Edmonton

Improve the energy efficiency of existing public buildings

The City of Edmonton is looking to improve the energy efficiency of its existing buildings via our Public Building Retrofits Initiative.

Fast facts

Conducting building energy audits
Act as an advisor to the City in developing a viable retrofit business case
Improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Developing new approaches to modernizing Edmonton’s assets

Our Public Building Retrofits Initiative (PRI) seeks to achieve significant energy savings and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction by working with the public sector to review their asset portfolios from a holistic perspective.

The PRI provides financing for decarbonization retrofits in publicly owned buildings in Canada. By taking advantage of our funding, municipalities have an opportunity to lower the long-term operations and maintenance costs of their buildings.

Benefits of CIB involvement

We will work with the City to review their asset portfolios and develop energy retrofit opportunities which support ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals. Our team aims to create a model for investment and procurement of high-performance energy projects.

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