Mapleton Water and Wastewater

Project Name: Mapleton Water and Wastewater

Mapleton Wastewater

Partner: Township of Mapleton

Location: Mapleton, Ontario

Sector: Green Infrastructure

Participation: up to $20 million

Description: The Township of Mapleton is located in the County of Wellington, Ontario and supports a mostly agricultural and rural population of approximately 11,000 residents.

The Township is seeking a partner to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the municipality’s new and existing water and wastewater infrastructure for up to 20 years.

Mapleton’s immediate infrastructure needs include increasing the Township’s water tower storage and expanding the capacity of the existing wastewater plant.

Mapleton’s innovative approach can be considered a pilot project to demonstrate new models for structuring and financing smaller municipal water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

By upgrading its water systems, households and businesses will have expanded access to clean drinking water and treatment of wastewater. The Township will also improve the service reliability of water infrastructure and reduce water loss through leakage.

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