About Us

About us

Canada Infrastructure Bank is a Crown corporation that operates at arm’s length from government. We are headquartered in Toronto and governed by an independent, professional board of directors.

The Bank was created in 2017 to address a gap in the market between government-funded infrastructure, procured traditionally or as a public-private partnership, and projects that are privately funded.

Our mandate is to invest up to $35 billion into new, revenue-generating infrastructure projects alongside private and institutional investors and provide advisory services to potential project sponsors. By engaging the expertise and capital of the private sector, we will help provide more infrastructure for Canadians.

Our priority areas are public transit, trade and transportation, and green infrastructure.

We co-invest in infrastructure projects that are in the public interest and are funded primarily by revenue from infrastructure usage. Every investment is tailored to a specific project. Investments are structured to ensure that public dollars go as far as possible, and that the risks, rewards and costs are appropriately shared among parties.

In our advisory role, we work with sponsors of projects at an early stage to determine the viability for private investment, and we work collaboratively to gather information on infrastructure in order to promote better decision-making.