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Trade & Transportation

Contrecoeur Port Terminal
Trade and transportation infrastructure supports stronger, more efficient corridors to domestic and international markets and helps Canadian businesses compete and grow.

Our Advisory and Investment teams are addressing greenhouse gas emission in the trade and transportation sector. We are developing more efficient corridors for local and international markets. These projects aim to help protect the environment while supporting the competitiveness of Canadian businesses.

We see strong investment opportunities in a variety of assets including agriculture infrastructure, ports, freight highways, roads, bridges, tunnels, inter-regional and passenger rail.

Building on Canada’s worldwide reputation as a leader in agricultural production, the Agriculture Infrastructure Initiative supports provincial and federal priorities.

Working with the provinces, which play a critical role in the agriculture and agri-food sector, and federal stakeholders, we’ve identified types of projects for the Agriculture Infrastructure Initiative.

The anticipated benefits of our irrigation investments include:

  • hundreds of thousands of acres of new cropland
  • efficient water use
  • employment during the construction period
  • long-term employment in the sector
  • increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Although our initial focuses on Alberta and Saskatchewan, all ten provinces and three territories are potential public-sector partners or project sponsors for our initiative.

For more information on the initiative, please consult the adjoining documents or contact us via email.: