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We are an impact investor developing the next generation of infrastructure Canadians need. We deliver outcomes such as sustainable economic growth, connected communities and energy competitiveness.

Investments value*
Total Capital Cost*
Trade & Transportation
Indigenous Infrastructure

*Note: Figures based on the Quarterly Financial Report Q2 2023-2024 (ending September 30, 2023) with pending project announcements in cooperation with our partners.

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Investment-Focused Centre of Expertise

Our direct investment and partnership approach complements, yet is distinct from, government programs. Each investment is structured to leverage revenue streams and crowd-in private sector and institutional investors who are willing to share in the risk and innovate. Our financing solutions are flexible, adaptable and targeted so that our investments help to get new infrastructure built.


Our drive to make investments in our priority sectors is enabled by our ability to provide advice on projects earlier in the lifecycle in need of robust financial, business case and procurement analysis. We play a key role through engagement with private and institutional investors.

Knowledge & Research

High-quality research supports understanding and can lead to better informed policy by governments and investment choices by our experts and our partners.

Media Activities

CIB Projects in Progress Q2 2023-24

More of our investments are in construction and deployment across Canada. Watch the video to learn about some of the CIB investments that are coming to life this quarter.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) is a Crown corporation mandated to invest in infrastructure which benefits Canadians.

Our priority investment areas include: green infrastructure, clean power, public transit, trade and transportation and broadband infrastructure.

As an impact investor, we focus on new infrastructure which deliver results such as: economic growth, climate change action and connected communities.

We are also focused on providing advisory expertise and building knowledge as a centre of expertise about infrastructure investment.

We collaborate with federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments, Indigenous partners, the private sector and institutional investors.

We actively seek new project opportunities which could benefit from our expertise, flexible and patient capital while crowding-in institutional and private sector investment.

We assess all investment opportunities based on their own merits. We work with partners from across Canada to determine the most efficient way to deliver infrastructure, whether it be through co-investments, public-private partnerships or other traditional forms of investment.

When assessing potential investments located in rural and northern communities, we carefully assess the specific challenges of developing infrastructure in these regions. We also consider how investments can contribute to the Government of Canada’s commitment to achieve reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.