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Manitoba Fibre

Broadband service is critical to Canadians’ daily lives. It is essential for our quality of life, for everyone who owns small businesses, goes to school and wants to stay connected to family and friends.

The CIB and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) are collaborating to encourage, jointly assess and enable large broadband projects within ISED’s Universal Broadband Fund.

As we work with ISED to promote the development and funding of large broadband projects, we expect large ISPs to bring forward large broadband projects across Canada, and small to medium size Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to do the same in regions where smaller projects could have a material impact on communities.

We provide significant capital across senior debt, subordinated debt, or equity investments. Our low-cost, flexible financing to broadband projects will connect many premises that would otherwise not be commercially viable. These investments will be made alongside contributions from ISED (and potentially provincial programs), private capital from ISPs and private investors to connect Canadians.

For more information on this priority sector, please refer to the documents on the right or communicate with us via email.