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Public Sector Professionals

You have great vision for your community and understand its infrastructure needs. Whether to add, expand, modernize or replace your infrastructure, we can help you turn your ambition into reality. Let’s work together to get more infrastructure benefiting your constituents.

What are Public-Private Partnerships?

Public-private partnerships, commonly known as P3s, use different approaches to deliver infrastructure. P3s leverage the expertise and competitiveness of the private sector to successfully add, expand, modernize and replace your community's infrastructure.

Public-private partnerships (P3s) have shown private sector investors bring innovation in the planning and design of a project and discipline in budgeting, scheduling and delivering an asset.

We expect private-sector investors will go one step further in projects we support and assume balance risks relating to infrastructure usage or revenue.

More information about P3s can be found at The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships.

Our services

Not every project is the same and we recognize the importance of using the right investment tool for each project. We provide innovative tailored financing solutions, risk mitigation and strategic advice.

Let’s work together

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