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Partner With Us

The CIB is an additional option or tool for governments to invest in their infrastructure projects.

Essential to the CIB’s commitment to expand infrastructure in Canada is ongoing collaboration with federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments and Indigenous communities (“FPTMI”), which are the public sector sponsors and asset owners for infrastructure across the country. 

The CIB attracts and leverages private sector and institutional investment in revenue-generating infrastructure projects that are in the public interest, and help to achieve FPTMI priorities.

The CIB will continue working with governments at all levels and with private sector partners to explore new ideas for building the next generation of infrastructure that Canada needs.

The CIB has three main functions as a centre of expertise: Advisory, Investments, and Knowledge and Research.

  • The Advisory function supports governments in assessing the suitability of potential projects, and will foster awareness and education about innovative financing models.
  • The Investment function structures proposals, undertakes due diligence, manages risk transfer, negotiates agreements and supports project delivery as appropriate.
  • The Knowledge and Research function will report on relevant data to improve analysis and inform investment decision-making.

Bringing in private capital to infrastructure funding will allow more projects to be built than with public funds alone. Many domestic and international investors are looking to increased participation in infrastructure to build their long-term portfolios.

This new model is focused on transferring risk to the parties best able to manage it and on building partnerships that address infrastructure needs with new and innovative solutions.

The CIB model encourages innovation and efficiency in meeting infrastructure needs by partnering with the private sector. With their funds at risk, investors will get creative in planning and designing projects to respond to the needs of users, and will consider upfront the best way to manage the infrastructure asset during its entire lifespan.

The CIB model is aimed at mobilizing and leveraging private sector and institutional investment, both domestic and international, and attaching the financial returns to the risks of infrastructure projects. To crowd-in private sector and institutional investment, federal support may be provided at below-market rates or on a subordinated basis.

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