The CIB offers Advisory expertise. Our team of infrastructure investment experts assist public sector project sponsors to consider and develop new financing and investment strategies for new infrastructure projects. We also collaborate with private and institutional investors who want to participate in projects with the CIB.

Extensive outreach to provincial, territorial, municipal and indigenous leaders, and federal government officials, is a central part of our Advisory services for public sector sponsors. We are flexible in our approach and customize our Advisory expertise to each project and public sector sponsor’s priorities.

Our Advisory work can involve reviewing government capital plans, turning public infrastructure strategies into defined projects, and helping to progress projects from concept to early stage feasibility work, commercial structuring, financial analysis and more. Collaboration in the early stages of a project on an Advisory basis can help public sponsors advance a proposal to the stage where it is ready for more detailed analysis and potential consideration for investment by the CIB and private and institutional investors. The CIB can assist informally in an Advisory capacity, or it can formalize its Advisory work with advisory engagements or memoranda of understanding.

Examples of our Advisory work include the CIB’s MOU with the Montreal Port Authority regarding the Contrecoeur port expansion project, the MOU with Lulu Island Energy Company regarding the Richmond (BC) district energy project, the MOU on the Pirate Harbour wind project, and an Advisory Engagement with the Government of the Northwest Territories regarding the Taltson hydroelectricity and transmission project. The CIB is an active member of the Joint Project Office team that is set-up with VIA Rail to conduct planning and pre-procurement work on the High Frequency Rail project. For more information please, visit the Projects page.

The CIB’s Advisory expertise contributes to raising awareness and shifting perspectives about the potential for private and institutional investment in projects that are revenue generating and have risk transfer, and supports the evolution of infrastructure project models in Canada.

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