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GDI Integrated Facility Services Retrofits

Green Infrastructure
Across Canada
$100 million
(Financial close)
GDI Integrated Facility Services Inc.

Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions with turnkey retrofit services

Investment from the CIB will facilitate more opportunities for building owners and operators to retrofit aging infrastructure.

Fast facts

Provides building owners and operators with turnkey solutions to retrofit aging building infrastructure
Reduction of approximately 44,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year
Increases the energy efficiency of buildings
Estimated to support 500 jobs in the trades sector

Our $100 million loan to GDI Integrated Facility Services Inc. (GDI) will support deep energy retrofits in commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings across Canada.

GDI and their subsidiaries, Ainsworth and Énergère will provide prospective clients with turnkey carbon reduction services like fuel switching, HVAC upgrades, transitioning to clean and renewable power sources like solar generation and electrical vehicle charging stations and energy storage facilities.

Once the retrofits are complete, it is expected there will be an annual reduction of approximately 44,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions across the project portfolio.

Benefits of CIB involvement

Our Building Retrofits Initiative helps to address one of Canada’s largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Buildings account for 18 per cent of Canada’s GHGs, so retrofitting these assets is critical to meeting the country’s climate change goals.

The CIB low-cost loan helps close the high upfront cost associated with deep energy retrofit projects that are often not economically viable with traditional sources of capital.

Our investment will help finance upfront capital costs of retrofits, which will be repaid through the sharing of energy savings over a period of several years.

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Commercial office building surrounded by green trees
Government of Canada

No one can reduce the environmental impact of aging buildings across the country on their own. This requires the public and private sectors coming together. We are proud to announce this agreement today that is a shining example of such a partnership, and is one that will help Canada reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

The Hon. Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure, and Communities

We are very excited to work with CIB on their financing program that we can offer to our clients across Canada. These investments will enable our clients to reduce their overall greenhouse gas emissions and will contribute to the mitigation of climate change effects in Canada and the world. We will be performing turnkey solutions for clients’ buildings to reduce the carbon footprint and while enhancing overall energy efficiency.

Claude Bigras, President & Chief Executive Officer