Map and Summary

Summary of Approved Investments

The Canada Infrastructure Bank’s approved investments are increasing — now adding up to about $4.3 billion having attracted approximately $5.7 billion in private and institutional capital. The projects with CIB approved investments have a total capital cost of an estimated $14.3 billion. Note: Figures as of July 2021 with pending project announcements in cooperation with our partners.

Projects Across Canada

The CIB focuses on five sectors: green infrastructure, clean power, public transit, trade and transportation and broadband infrastructure. As of today, the CIB is participating in 27 projects. These projects are located from coast to coast to coast, in the North, in small communities and large urban areas. They demonstrate our ambition to advise on, invest in and build knowledge about transformational infrastructure projects across Canada. Please see below to learn more about the CIB’s positive impact.

  1. 1. Réseau express métropolitain (REM)
  2. 2. GO Expansion – On Corridor
  3. 3. High Frequency Rail
  4. 4. Lulu Island District Energy
  5. 5. Contrecoeur Port Terminal
  6. 6. Taltson Hydroelectricity Expansion
  7. 7. Pirate Harbour Wind Farm
  8. 8. Kivalliq Hydro-Fibre Link
  9. 9. Calgary-Banff Rail
  10. 10. Alberta Irrigation
  11. 11. Oneida Energy Storage
  12. 12. New Westminster Rail Bridge
  13. 13. Highway 697 Toll Bridge
  14. 14. Manitoba Fibre
  15. 15. Lake Erie Connector
  16. 16. Montréal-Trudeau International Airport REM Station
  17. 17. MD of Acadia and Special Areas Irrigation
  18. 18. City of Edmonton Zero-Emission Buses
  19. 19. City of Edmonton Building Retrofits
  20. 20. City of Ottawa Zero-Emission Buses
  21. 21. British Columbia Zero-Emission School Buses
  22. 22. Algoma Steel
  23. 23. Tshiuetin Railway
  24. 24. City of Brampton Zero-Emission Buses
  25. 25. Newfoundland and Labrador Fixed Link
  26. 26. Autobus Séguin Zero-Emission School Buses
  27. 27. Toronto Western Hospital

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