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Indigenous Community Infrastructure Initiative (ICII)

We lend to new infrastructure projects that are in partnership with, and for the benefit of, Indigenous communities to reduce their infrastructure gap and promote economic participation. 

The ICII is a collaborative financing solution that offers low-cost and long-term loans to Indigenous infrastructure projects and combines public funding and/or private and institutional investment to get more infrastructure built.

Through the ICII, our investment team looks to provide affordable, long-term financing to Indigenous projects that provide a direct benefit to an Indigenous community or communities. 

These projects must:

  • Fall within at least one of the CIB’s priority sectors and be located in Canada;
  • Provide a direct benefit to an Indigenous community by closing an infrastructure gap or through the meaningful economic participation and ownership of an Indigenous community;
  • Generate revenue, but can also be supported by other community revenues;
  • Include Indigenous community capital and/or other industry sponsor investment of at least 20% of project capital cost net of grants;
  • Represent an investment of at least $5 million and up to $100 million, and not more than 80% of project cost net of grants; evidence that no other lender will provide financing at terms and conditions that make the project viable; and
  • Be new or represent significant upgrades to existing infrastructure.

For more information on the ICII please refer to the adjoining documents or email us.