Canada Infrastructure Bank will invest up to $400 million towards the City of Brampton’s 450 zero-emission bus expansion

The CIB’s investment will contribute towards the upfront capital cost of the ZEBs and related charging infrastructure. This is the CIB’s third ZEB investment commitment with a municipality and supports one of the largest conversions of public transit vehicles in Canada to date.

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Canada Infrastructure Bank to invest in Tshiuetin Rail alongside the Government of Canada and Government of Quebec

The CIB will invest $50 million in the form of a long-term, fully repayable loan. The Government of Quebec will invest $5 million, repayable over the next two years.

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Major investment to help Canadian steel industry transition towards low-carbon production

This investment involves $200 million over the next four years from the Government of Canada and a loan of $220 million from the CIB.

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