Arrow Technology Group Broadband

Broadband, Indigenous Infrastructure
Province of Alberta
$10 million
Arrow Technology Group Ltd Partnership, ISED, CRTC

Increased broadband access for Indigenous and rural communities in Alberta

Our financing targets better connectivity for at least 17 Indigenous and one rural community in Alberta. 

Fast facts

Provide access to internet services with speeds of 50-300 Mbps and unlimited data
Investment fills a structural lending gap, allowing Arrow to deliver much needed broadband infrastructure
Supporting an Indigenous-owned broadband company encourages other projects to be replicated in similar areas

The CIB is collaborating with internet service provider Arrow and federal government funding counterparts to accelerate the delivery of high-speed broadband projects in Indigenous and rural communities in Alberta.
The CIB’s financing, in addition to grant funding announced by the Government of Canada, targets better connectivity for for at least 17 Indigenous and one rural community in Alberta.
The communities which will benefit from new broadband connectivity will be announced in the coming months.

Benefits of CIB involvement

Without CIB’s debt financing, Arrow would be fully reliant on federal grant funds and community contributions to deliver this needed infrastructure. The project closes an infrastructure gap for Indigenous communities in Alberta. Rural areas will enjoy many of the benefits urban centres enjoy such as online education, e-health and e-commerce services.
The CIB loan also addresses an economic gap by allowing Arrow to continue offering affordable user rates.

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Confederacy of Treaty 6

Arrow’s high-speed Internet projects will have a positive impact, connecting the communities who need it most, and opening doors to new educational, social and business opportunities.

Grand Chief George Arcand Jr
Arrow Technology Group Limited Partnership

Arrow Technology Group is committed to supporting the growth and development of Alberta’s First Nations communities. Connecting the unconnected is crucial to achieving sustainable development goals and encouraging First Nation participation in the global economy.

Vaughn Paul, President
Government of Alberta

The Government of Alberta is supportive of the CIB’s investment in infrastructure required to connect our remote and rural communities. This investment provides economic development opportunities for Albertans and is an excellent example of infrastructure being built using alternative capital financing methods.

The Honourable Prasad Panda, Minister of Infrastructure