Lulu Island District Energy

Clean Power
Richmond, British Columbia
Memorandum of Understanding
City of Richmond, Lulu Island Energy Company

Renewable, low-carbon energy source for the City of Richmond

Lulu Island Energy Company’s district energy project involves expanding the City’s current district energy system from 3.6 million square feet to 50 million square feet, over time, conditional to approval by Richmond City Council.

Fast facts

Sustainable and renewable energy
Improves heating and cooling efficiency
Provides residents with a reliable energy source

Lulu Island Energy Company is a municipal corporation wholly owned by the City of Richmond, established to implement and operate district energy utility systems in the City of Richmond, British Columbia. The energy system will use zero-carbon sewer heat recovery technology to extract heat from the local sewer force main once the system is fully built out.

The City of Richmond’s official plan calls for higher density and mixed-use buildings in future residential and commercial development. The proposed expansion will provide the city with low-carbon energy sources on an expedited basis that would provide heating and cooling to buildings in the region.

Benefits of CIB involvement

Our participation will provide our partners with flexible financing terms to accommodate long-term capital drawdown and long-term duration of the project. Lower financing rates contributes to both the financial and environmental sustainability of the district energy system.

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City of Richmond

The City of Richmond has received international recognition for its leadership in developing district energy systems designed to reduce carbon emissions while delivering an affordable and reliable heating and cooling source for thousands of residents, commercial and institutional users. As an important component of Richmond’s community planning, district energy systems provide sustainable and economic energy sources. Partnering with Canada Infrastructure Bank on our City Centre district energy utility is an excellent opportunity to further our energy efficiency and resiliency for many years to come.

Malcolm Brodie, Mayor
Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships

Great to see the @cib_en team explore a district energy opportunity in British Columbia. This is the second green project @cib_en has looked at and specifically one that is relevant for the future #lowcarbon economy.

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