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Brandon and Red‑Seine‑Rat Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure
Southern Manitoba
Up to $140 million (Investment Commitment)
City of Brandon, Red-Seine-Rat Wastewater Cooperative, Province of Manitoba

Strengthening quality and safe treatment of water for thousands of Manitobans

New water and wastewater infrastructure will support cleaner water for approximately 78,000 housing units.

Fast facts

Contributes to communities’ sustainable growth through investments in water infrastructure
Increased water capacity supports future developments of approximately 15,000 new housing units
First investment under the CIB’s Infrastructure for Housing Initiative

Water and wastewater infrastructure plays a critical role in safeguarding public health, enabling clean waterways and protecting the local environment.

Under this green infrastructure partnership, the projects will enhance new water and wastewater infrastructure in some of Manitoba's fastest growing communities – the Rural Municipality of Taché, Rural Municipality of Hanover, Rural Municipality of Ritchot, and Town of Niverville and the City of Brandon.

Strengthened water and wastewater systems will supply communities, businesses, and industries with potable water, as well as collect, treat, and discharge wastewater to manage storm water runoff.

This bundled collection of smaller-scale projects includes rehabilitation of a water treatment plant, construction of a wastewater treatment plant, and delivery and collection infrastructure as well as supports a regional wastewater system which achieves economies of scale, efficiencies, and capacity for future upgrades.

Benefits of CIB Involvement

By investing in new water and wastewater infrastructure, the CIB provides these communities with the financial certainty they need to plan for municipal growth and future housing development opportunities, while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

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Stock aerial photo of wastewater treatment
City of brandon field overlay
Ehren Cory Manitoba Municipal Officials
City of Brandon

We are excited to partner with the Canada Infrastructure Bank, Infrastructure Canada, the Province of Manitoba, as well as our fellow municipal Red-Seine-Rat (RSR) partners on these critical water and wastewater infrastructure projects. This investment of $140 million will not only modernize our water treatment facilities and wastewater systems, but also pave the way for sustainable growth in our communities for generations to come.

Jeff Fawcett, Mayor
Red-Seine-Rat Wastewater Cooperative

RSR is very pleased to be able to partner with the Canada Infrastructure Bank. This investment from the CIB will ensure that our region continues to be an attractive place for families to call home. The CIB’s involvement and expertise has enabled our four municipalities to sustainably pursue residential and commercial growth over the next 50 years. This is an exciting opportunity, and we are glad to be working alongside the City of Brandon and the Province of Manitoba to achieve it.

Jim Funk, Co-operative Board Chair