Johnson Controls Retrofits

Green Infrastructure
Across Canada
Up to $100 million
Johnson Controls Inc.

Building retrofits to reduce carbon footprints and contribute to Canada’s energy transition

The investment is a turnkey solution for commercial, manufacturing, industrial, and multi-unit residential building owners to develop and implement retrofit projects.

Fast facts

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 48,000 tonnes/year = 10,439 vehicles off the road/year
No upfront investment or internal resources required from building owners
Investment repaid through energy savings generated by the retrofits
Projects expected to create more than 900 jobs

We are committing up to $100 million to Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI), which will act as a retrofit aggregator. JCI will provide a turnkey solution to building owners, delivering the development, construction, commissioning, and monitoring and verification of retrofits. Building owners will have access to JCI’s technical and financial resources to develop and implement retrofits which will optimize energy performance and reduce their properties’ carbon footprint, without requiring upfront investment or internal resources.

The investment aligns with the CIB’s Commercial Building Retrofits Initiative (CBRI) in targeting a minimum GHG emissions reduction of 30 per cent across a portfolio of buildings.

Benefits of CIB Involvement

Our team works with large private sector real estate owners and retrofit aggregators on customized plans to modernize and improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings. We are transforming the retrofits market by leading the way for private financing.
Our investment will help finance upfront capital costs of retrofits, which will be repaid through the sharing of energy savings over a period of several years. Once the repayment is complete, companies benefit from 100% of the long-term savings achieved through the retrofits.

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Johnson Controls Inc.

Johnson Controls is proud to extend its investment in Canada with this collaboration. As the global leader in sustainability for buildings, we see this partnership with the Canada Infrastructure Bank as a vital initiative to support Canada’s progress toward meeting its carbon reduction commitments, and an extension of our commitment to a greener future.

Katie McGinty, Chief Sustainability and External Relations Officer