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East Central Alberta Shortline Rail

Trade & Transportation
Project Acceleration
Government of Alberta, Special Areas and Oyen Development Corp., and Oyen Regional Rail Company

A proposed shortline rail project from east central Alberta to an intermodal terminal in either Calgary or Edmonton

In collaboration with partners, the CIB is supporting a preliminary technical and financial feasibility study of the proposed rail line.

Fast facts

Increase economic development and investment along the rail corridor
Support Alberta’s competitiveness in trade and commerce

Lack of access to rail shipping in east central Alberta limits the scope and scale of economic development and investment attraction to the region. As part of a Project Acceleration initiative, the CIB signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Alberta and Special Areas and Oyen Development Corp. to undertake a review of the proposed project.

A joint feasibility assessment will determine whether there is an opportunity for an investment. Some key indicators under review include potential project scale, environmental, social and economic benefits as well as capital costs and delivery infrastructure.

Benefits of CIB involvement

Infrastructure projects can take many years to plan and develop and are often delayed due to limited availability of development funding. Our accelerator funding will be used to expedite project assessment work.

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