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Port Stalashen Wastewater Treatment Plant

Green Infrastructure, Indigenous Infrastructure
shíshálh Nation lands near Sechelt, British Columbia
$6.4 million
(Under construction)
shíshálh Nation Government District (sNGD)

Supporting safe water treatment, economic development and employment opportunities

The new shíshálh Nation Government District (sNGD) owned wastewater treatment plant will modernize aging water treatment infrastructure.

Fast facts

Fully Indigenous-owned and operated
Enable economic growth, protects the coastal environment and safeguards public health
Additional capacity to connect more buildings and residents to treatment plant

As part of the Indigenous Community Infrastructure Initiative, we are investing $6.4 million in the new Port Stalashen Wastewater Treatment Plant. The plant will be located on shíshálh Nation lands near Sechelt, British Columbia, and will play a critical role in enabling economic growth, protecting the coastal environment, and safeguarding public health through improving the outfall.

The current wastewater treatment plant, owned and operated by sNGD for the past 26 years, has reached its end of life and requires replacement. This new replacement plant and improved outfall will serve 91 connected residential units and support the conversion and connection of 88 buildings, which currently rely on septic wastewater systems. The additional capacity this plant provides will enable future developments for years to come.

Benefits of CIB Involvement

The project is an example of the CIB’s Indigenous Community Infrastructure Initiative in action. By tapping into CIB financing, the shíshálh Nation will access affordable capital to accelerate and future-proof their community’s infrastructure needs.

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A construction site; in the foreground is a cement truck and a pump truck; several workers are on the site.
Construction site of Port Stalashen Wastewater Treatment Plant
Construction site of Port Stalashen Wastewater Treatment Plant
Concrete reservoir on the construction site of Port Stalashen Wastewater Treatment Plant
shíshálh Nation

The shíshálh Nation is very pleased with the arrangements finalized for the long-term funding of this project. It exemplifies a great working relationship between our municipal First Nations Government and the CIB. The agreement reminds me of why our Nation decided to go down the Self-Governing path in the first place. It shows how issues can be meaningly addressed through a collaborative discussion and agreement. This bodes well for the future.

Chief Henry Warren Paull