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University of Toronto Retrofits

Green Infrastructure
Toronto, Ontario
$50 million
(Under construction)
University of Toronto (U of T), Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Deep energy retrofits on U of T’s St. George Campus

Sustainable, energy efficient retrofits to help green U of T’s St. George Campus

Fast facts

Reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 61% or 49,023 metric tonnes/year
Renew aged Campus infrastructure to ensure future performance
Mitigate environmental impacts of campus growth

We are investing $50 million in energy efficient retrofit projects across U of T’s St. George Campus in downtown Toronto.

U of T has aging infrastructure, including a 120-year-old district energy system. With the St. George campus expected to grow significantly, upgrading existing and aged utility and building infrastructure will ensure future performance and build resilient low carbon systems for students now and into the future.

Decarbonization efforts include fuel switching by replacing natural gas-fueled sources with electricity (for example: gas-fired boiler replacement with electric boilers), energy optimization by installing industrial high-temperature heat pumps and upgrading building automation systems. Upgrades also include ventilation optimization and various measures to reduce U of T’s thermal heating and electrical loads including electrical demand, such as repurposing a gas turbine cogeneration unit and energy recovery from building exhausts.

The projects financed through the CIB’s investment will accelerate U of T’s emission reduction efforts towards becoming climate positive by 2050.

Benefits of CIB Involvement

We tailor financing solutions of projects developed by organizations looking to advance their sustainability goals. This is investment falls under our Building Retrofits Initiative which seeks to modernize and improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Our financing was required to bridge the project’s commercial and economic gap which allowed it to move forward.

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University of Toronto Hart House
University of Toronto St. George Campus
The central steam plant on the St. George campus is the hub of one of Canada’s largest and oldest district energy systems which will undergo deep retrofits through Project Leap (photo by Johnny Guatto).
University of Toronto President Meric Gertler, CIB CEO Ehren Cory, Vice-President, Operations and Real Estate Partnerships, Scott Mabury (photo by Johnny Guatto)
University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a global leader in addressing the urgent challenge of climate change. Our Climate Positive plan will transform the energy sources on our Campuses to ensure we can deliver on our mission of excellence in research and learning for generations to come. We are grateful to the CIB for recognizing and supporting our commitment to Canada’s net-zero targets and to harnessing the innovation of cleantech startups on our Campuses and beyond.

Meric Gertler, President
University of Toronto

U of T is an engine of economic growth and prosperity for its region and for Canada. The demand for university space that supports teaching, advanced research, collaboration with industry, and startups to scale continues to grow. The CIB’s commitment to the university’s deep energy retrofit projects will assist U of T to meet this demand while reducing our carbon footprint and helping build a green economy.

Scott Mabury, Vice-President, Operations and Real Estate Partnerships & Vice-Provost, Academic Operations