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Autobus Séguin Zero-Emission School Buses

Public Transit
Laval, Quebec
$15 million
(Under development)
Autobus Séguin

First zero-emission bus investment in the province of Quebec

The CIB and Autobus Séguin have completed an agreement for the CIB to support the purchase of zero-emission school buses (ZEBs) with an investment of up to $15 million.

Fast facts

Removes 2,146 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions
Quieter and more comfortable ride for students
Supports the purchase of up to 131 buses
Financial savings due to lower lifetime operating costs for ZEBs

Electric buses contribute to Quebec’s objective of electrifying 65% of its school bus fleet by 2030 while providing high-quality transit service for students.

ZEBs are quieter and are expected to have lower maintenance and fueling costs compared to equivalent GHG-emitting vehicles. More than 2,146 tonnes of GHGs will be reduced annually, the equivalent of removing 658 passenger vehicles from the road every year.

Our investment will be repaid from cost savings from the ZEBs as measured against costs of an equivalent GHG-emitting bus. The charging infrastructure will be provided through an agreement between Autobus Séguin and InnovHQ, a Hydro-Québec subsidiary.

Benefits of CIB Involvement

Our ZEB initiative assists transit agencies and school bus operators in transitioning their fleets to modern, environmentally friendly vehicles. Our financing, in the form of direct loans and innovative aggregators, can cover the higher upfront capital cost of ZEBs versus diesel buses, with repayment coming only from actual savings generating by operating ZEBs instead of diesel buses. Partners can use flexible financing options to modernize their bus fleets on an accelerated basis.

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The front of four Autobus Séguin zero emission school buses