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Manitoba Fibre

Province of Manitoba
$164 million
(Under construction)
Valley Fiber Limited, DIF Capital Partners

Enhance telecommunications services for residents, businesses and public service delivery in Manitoba

The Manitoba Fibre project involves 2,657 kilometres of fibre-optic cabling, connecting up to 49,000 underserved households with fibre-to-the-home, across rural municipalities.

Fast facts

Up to 400 jobs during construction
50 permanent jobs
Deliver fast and reliable broadband service to underserved regions
Support communities’ economy, health care, education, emergency services and more

The project improves current internet services which use slower, standard copper phone line and wireless access. It includes last-mile infrastructure with underground fibre cables and networking equipment.

The service will offer broadband speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second for the first time, enhancing telecommunications services for residents, businesses and public service delivery.

Under the terms of the agreement, we will invest CAD 164 million in the approximately CAD 328 million project. Valley Fiber will be responsible for all aspects of construction, installation, operations and maintenance of the new broadband service.

Benefits of CIB involvement

Due to the low population density and current lack of broadband infrastructure in Manitoba, the cost of connection per household is very high. Our innovative solution with low financing rates will allow the project delivery at a quicker pace and lower cost to implement.

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IJ Global Awards 2021
Fibre optic cables and a server.
Fibre optic cables await installation in Manitoba
Manitoba’s Bilingual Municipalities

The AMBM fully applauds the Canada Infrastructure Bank’s (CIB) announcement to improve broadband Internet access in rural communities in southern Manitoba.

It also demonstrates how public-private partnerships are truly helping to build stronger, more resilient rural communities by creating jobs and opportunities for businesses and individuals.

Ivan Normandeau, President
Valley Fiber Limited

I am honoured to be working with such with an amazing team who shares our passion on bringing broadband to rural communities through dedicated active ethernet. Together, we are not only levelling the economic playing field but also bringing essential services to under-serviced Canadians in Manitoba.

Hank Wall, Chief Executive Officer
DIF Capital Partners

Rolling out fibre broadband to remote locations in Canada will improve many facets of people’s everyday life. DIF is excited to partner with the CIB and Valley Fiber on this transformational project. It will provide critical broadband access to many Canadians living in under-serviced regions and enable rural communities in Manitoba to participate in the digitalization of the global economy.

Marko Kremer, Head of Americas