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City of Calgary Zero-Emission Buses

Public Transit
Calgary, Alberta
$165 million (financial close)
City of Calgary, Calgary Transit

Advancing the electrification of Calgarys bus fleet

The City of Calgary, via Calgary Transit, will procure 259 zero-emission buses (ZEBs) to replace existing diesel buses in Alberta’s largest city.

Fast facts

Reduce GHG emissions by more than 10,000 tonnes each year
Quieter and more comfortable ride for users
Cleaner commuting option for residents
Lower expected operating costs

The CIB is helping the City of Calgary transition its bus fleet from diesel to zero-emission electric buses (ZEB), offering residents a cleaner commuting option. Moving to a fleet of ZEBs supports the City of Calgary’s corporate emission-reduction goals outlined in their 2022 Calgary Climate Strategy, to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Our investment will finance the procurement of 259 zero-emission buses.

Benefits of CIB’s Involvement

Our Zero-Emission Bus Initiative assists transit agencies and school boards in transitioning their fleets to modern, environmentally friendly vehicles. Our financing can cover a portion of the higher upfront capital cost of ZEBs compared to diesel buses, helping accelerate the electrification of Calgary Transit’s bus fleet.

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Sharon Fleming, Director of Calgary Transit; Jyoti Gondek, Mayor of Calgary; Ehren Cory, CEO of the CIB
The backs of several Calgary Transit city buses in a garage
City of Calgary

Our partnership with Canada Infrastructure Bank has been critical to transitioning our fleet to zero-emission vehicles much quicker than we could have done on our own. It is important for Calgarians to know that in making the switch from diesel to electric, the savings in operations will actually cover the cost of the loan. When it comes to climate change, we are committed to bold moves that are both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Mayor Jyoti Gondek
Calgary Transit

The partnership with the Canada Infrastructure Bank enables us to kick-start the transition of our public transit fleet from diesel to alternative fuels. It will help us lower our environmental impact while continuing to provide the service Calgarians expect.

Sharon Fleming, Director
Government of Canada

Achieving our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 requires cutting down greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector. The City of Calgary, with the support of CIB's loan, is paving the way towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for its residents by offering greener transit options.

George Chahal, M.P.

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