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Durham Region Zero-Emission Buses

Public Transit
Durham Region, Ontario
$62 million
(Under development)
Durham Region, Durham Region Transit

Zero-Emission Buses supporting Durham Region’s goal of transitioning to a net zero fleet by 2037

Durham Region will purchase 98 zero-emission buses (ZEBs) to replace its conventional diesel buses.

Fast facts

Reduce GHGs by 6,525 tonnes/year
Cleaner and quieter commuting option for residents
Lower expected maintenance and fuel costs

The CIB’s $62 million investment with Durham Region towards 98 zero-emission buses (ZEBs) – an alternative low-carbon transit solution – will support a more sustainable community for residents.

The CIB will finance a portion of the ZEBs which Durham Region plans to purchase over the next four years and will be repaid from expected fuel and maintenance cost savings as measured against costs of an equivalent diesel bus.

The addition of these electric buses will support DRT’s E-Mission Zero program and Durham’s plan to transition to a full fleet of zero-emission vehicles by 2037.

Aligning with Durham Region’s Corporate Climate Change Action Plan and Community Energy Plan, DRT is committed to adopting renewable technologies that contribute to sustainable communities across the Region.

Benefits of CIB’s Involvement

The CIB’s Zero-Emission Buses Initiative assists transit agencies and school boards in transitioning their fleets to modern, environmentally friendly vehicles. The financing, in the form of direct loans, can cover a portion of the higher upfront capital cost of ZEBs compared to diesel buses. We enable our partners to modernize their bus fleets on an accelerated basis by taking advantage of our flexible financing options.

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A Durham Region Transit electric "Pulse" bus at a bus stop
A Durham Region Transit electric "Pulse" bus with a bicycle racked on the front
Government of Canada

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential to improving the quality of life of all Canadians. Through flexible funding programs like the Canada Community-Building Fund, communities across the country are able to invest more in sustainable transit projects. As a result of this funding from the Canada Infrastructure Bank, Durham Region Transit’s new zero-emission buses will help to build a cleaner and more accessible community for residents to enjoy for many years to come.

Jennifer O’Connell, M.P.
Government of Canada

Affordable and sustainable transit is essential to strengthening our communities, reducing emissions, and providing more equitable transportation. Through this significant investment in zero-emission buses for Durham Region Transit, our government remains committed to building a cleaner and more accessible future for all communities in Canada.

Hon. Mark Holland
Government of Canada

In terms of helping build sustainable communities, today’s announcement means Durham Region can leap forward. The Canada Infrastructure Bank is providing $62 million to purchase 98 electric buses across our region. This is a massive win for our communities, and will improve public transportation and decrease operating costs, while reducing emissions and protecting our environment. Investments like this improve community infrastructure, build a more prosperous economy, and fight climate change.

Ryan Turnbull, M.P.
Durham Region

This milestone financing agreement represents a significant stride towards the goals outlined in Durham Region’s Climate Change Action Plan. We are grateful to be supported by the Canada Infrastructure Bank to enable Durham Region Transit to begin to realize its E-Mission Zero goals.

John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer
Durham Region Transit

DRT’s transition to a zero-emission fleet is critical to the health of our community and requires significant capital investment to achieve our targets. Financing provided by the CIB makes it possible for DRT to advance our E-Mission Zero program and accelerate our reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bill Holmes, General Manager