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Enoch Arena Road

Trade & Transportation, Indigenous Infrastructure
Enoch Cree Nation reserve, Alberta
$15 million
(Under construction)
Enoch Cree Nation #440, River Cree Development Corporation

Enhancing community development and road safety at Enoch Cree Nation reserve

Investments in critical infrastructure improves quality of life and business readiness on reserve.

Fast facts

Improve community safety with an upgraded roadway, street lighting and multi-use pedestrian trail
Provides construction and maintenance training and employment opportunities for First Nation members and band-owned contracting company
Supports future economic development opportunities

We are lending $15 million towards the Enoch Arena Road Project in partnership with Enoch Cree Nation and River Cree Development Corporation, the First Nation’s economic development organization.

Through the partnership, the main transportation artery, which is a gravel road, will be realigned, paved and expanded to also include pedestrian crossings and a new multi-use pedestrian trail. Existing utilities will be relocated to improve land use planning and will be realigned to follow the road right of way. The enhanced seven-kilometre road will connect to the economic hub of the community and planned future reserve developments.

Benefits of CIB’s Involvement

The project is an example of the CIB’s Indigenous Community Infrastructure Initiative in action. By tapping into CIB financing, Enoch Cree Nation will access affordable capital to accelerate and future-proof their community’s infrastructure needs.

This partnership will address the current infrastructure gap while ensuring the community can continue to invest in its many other social and economic priorities.

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Renderings of upgraded road and new pedestrian trail
Ground being leveled on Enoch Arena Road Project site
Construction machine at site of road upgrades
Enoch Cree Nation

Having this project become a reality, is an accomplishment for all of us, as a Nation. Working with Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) helps secure our economic development and the future of infrastructure advancements within our community. Expanding and modernizing our current infrastructure has been long overdue and having a project like this will improve the quality of life for every Nation Member, and by this, ensure the safety of Maskekosihk (Enoch Cree Nation). Moving forward these projects will lay the foundation and help look after the next generations to come.

Chief Cody Thomas
Enoch Cree Nation

Seeing this project become a reality for the Nation has been a very gratifying moment for not only the Infrastructure branch of Enoch Cree Nation, but to all our Nation members. Securing this loan from the Canada Infrastructure Bank, shows the country that First Nations are striving to better our own infrastructure to continue to pursue a higher quality of life for our people, now and in the future. Knowing that we could access this loan from CIB has helped us in the planning and development of our infrastructure.

Troy McDonald, Senior Manager of Infrastructure
Enoch Cree Nation

The day many Enoch Cree Nation band members have been dreaming about for decades is finally coming true. Upgrading an unsafe generationally used travel route in the Nation from what once was an old wagon trail will now be a modern City of Edmonton standard and designed built road. With the guidance and support from our Nation’s Chief and Council, we are slowly but surely closing a long existing infrastructure gap in our First Nation with this access to below-market-rate investment from the Canada Infrastructure Bank. With loan security being provided by our Yekau Lake Trust, we are securing our economic future by leveraging our existing assets for the benefit of the entire community.

Ron Morin Jr, Capital Projects Coordinator