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MET - Montreal Metropolitan Airport (YHU)

Trade & Transportation
Longueuil, Quebec
$90 million
(Under construction)
Macquarie Asset Management, Porter Aviation Holdings Inc., Desjardins Group, Montreal Metropolitan Airport

New domestic airport terminal to support travel to and from Montreal

Terminal advances economic growth and provides convenient way to visit the region.

Fast facts

Enhancing domestic transportation options to access the Montreal region
Terminal capacity to support up to approximately four million passengers a year
Located 15 kilometres from Montreal with modern terminal and nine gates

We are investing in the development of a new domestic passenger terminal at MET - Montreal Metropolitan Airport (YHU).

MET – located 15 kilometres from Montreal – is building a new terminal, providing a convenient way for passengers travelling to and from major cities across Canada to visit Montreal.

The new 21,300 m2 two-storey domestic terminal will have nine gates, associated taxiways, and landside facilities such as parking lots with barrier-free parking spaces, EV charging stations, and shuttle bus pick-up and drop-off points. Additional landside facilities include terminal frontage roads, road connection from the property boundary to long-term parking lots, landscaping, and an aviation fuel farm.

This project represents the CIB’s third investment in airport infrastructure.

Benefits of CIB’s Involvement

The project falls within the CIB’s Trade and Transportation sector which supports developing stronger, more efficient trade and transportation corridors.

The CIB’s $90 million loan will enable the new domestic passenger terminal filling a gap in the capital investment structure.

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Rendering of Montreal Metropolitan Airport domestic terminal
Landed airplane landing in airport with sunset
Airport at the colorful sunset
Porter Aviation Holdings Inc.

Attracting a strong partner like CIB demonstrates the value and appeal of the terminal development at Montréal Metropolitan Airport. It will become a showcase of transportation infrastructure for the region that serves the community for decades to come.

Michael Deluce, President and Chief Executive Officer
Macquarie Infrastructure Partners

CIB shares our objective of developing high-quality infrastructure in the Montréal metropolitan area. We look forward to working with CIB, Porter and other key stakeholders to ensure this important project is a success.

Karl Kuchel, Chief Executive Officer
MET – Montreal Metropolitan Airport

The development of MET - Montreal Metropolitan Airport is one of the most impactful projects for Canada. It will provide citizens with a more efficient air transportation option and promote economic development of all our regions. We are pleased to have the Canada Infrastructure Bank as a strategic partner in this significant project. It is all Canadians who will benefit from their expertise and support.

Yanic Roy, President and Chief Executive Officer
Government of Canada

By supporting the Montreal Metropolitan Airport, we are offering Quebecers competitive choices and services to find affordable flights to their favorite destinations from a convenient location in Longueuil. With investments like this, we're taking concrete action to meet Quebecers' needs and provide them with transportation infrastructures that meet their expectations.

Hon. Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Transport and Quebec Lieutenant
Government of Canada

The CIB’s $90 million loan towards a new domestic passenger terminal at the Montreal Metropolitan Airport will support the Greater Montréal Region’s continued economic expansion. With a forecasted growth of up to four million passengers a year, the new terminal will have greater capacity to welcome more visitors to this world-renowned destination.

Hon. Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities
Government of Quebec

The growth of the Montreal Metropolitan Airport represents excellent news for the economic development of Quebec. Future public and private investments will undoubtedly support an improvement in regional air service, for the benefit of Quebecers. Our government will continue to support the growth of MET.

Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility