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April 26, 2022 – The Canada Infrastructure Bank's Spring Market Update 2022

Infrastructure is a powerful lever to build the economy and society we aspire to. As an outcome-based impact investor, the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) is deploying $35 billion to develop the next generation of infrastructure Canada needs. We want more infrastructure built faster while delivering outcomes such as: sustainable economic growth, connected Canadians, Indigenous infrastructure and climate change action.

Through our investments, we help advance initiatives which foster economic growth and contribute to the sustainability of infrastructure in Canada. Our progress in fiscal 2021/22 demonstrates our resolve in advancing high impact investments. We have a leadership role to play in both public and private sector led infrastructure.

We partner with provinces, territories, municipalities and Indigenous communities on their infrastructure priorities. By collaborating with public and private sector sponsors on investment solutions, we help finance infrastructure which create economic and environmental benefits.

Spring Market Update
To date, the total capital value of our partnerships is $20.9 billion, across 28 projects

By investing federal money in infrastructure, in the form of a loan or equity rather than a grant, the CIB can stretch public dollars much further, allowing for the reinvestment of our capital into future opportunities.

In addition, the CIB has partnered with a wide array of private and institutional investors to leverage approximately $7.6 billion towards infrastructure with positive outcomes for Canadians. Institutional investors, for example, are Canada’s pension funds that invest capital in infrastructure globally as stewards of Canadians’ retirements. The private and institutional investment partners include diverse entities such as Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Enwave and its owners, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and IFM Investors, Algoma Steel, DIF Capital Partners, Fiera, Noventa and many more.

The CIB’s investment portfolio is diverse, with investment commitments in each of our five priority sectors:

  • $2.9 billion in transit
  • $1.5 billion in clean power
  • $0.6 billion in green infrastructure
  • $1.6 billion in broadband
  • $0.5 billion in trade and transportation

Over the past year, we have significantly accelerated our investment activity across the country. As of March 31, 2022, the total portfolio now stands at 28 investment commitments since inception, with 20 of those reached in fiscal 2021-22.

Accelerating Investment Momentum
Accelerating Investment Momentum

As part of this momentum, the CIB has developed partnerships and investment agreements with a wide range of partners, across both the private and public sectors.

Working with provinces and municipalities and their transit agencies, we have made investments in public transit solutions, zero-emission fleets, and green infrastructure. By collaborating with Indigenous communities, the CIB has made investments in transportation, clean power, and community enabling infrastructure. And the CIB has advanced significant investments in clean power, transportation, energy efficiency and other forms of green infrastructure working with private sector project proponents.

For more information, download the CIB Market Update - Spring 2022