Highway 697 Toll Bridge

Project Name: Highway 697 Toll Bridge

Partner: Government of Alberta

Location: Mackenzie County, Alberta

Sector: Trade and Transportation

Participation: Project Acceleration

Description: As part of a Project Acceleration initiative, the CIB signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Alberta Transportation to undertake a review of the proposed Highway 697 Toll Bridge. 

The work includes:

  • conducting geotechnical reviews and land surveys
  • reviewing estimated project costs and revenues
  • exploring financing options
  • an assessment of economic benefits

A toll bridge would replace the seasonal ferry and ice road currently being used to carry traffic across the Peace River. It is expected to reduce travel times and congestion, increase safety and improve access to services, and support the local forestry, agriculture and trucking industries. 

Benefits of the CIB Involvement

As the first potential user-pay transportation project in Alberta, the CIB’s early engagement in the project will provide Alberta Transportation access to the CIB’s financial structuring expertise during the critical development stage. Large infrastructure projects take years to plan and are often delayed due to limited availability of development capital. The CIB’s funding will be used to expedite project assessment work.

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