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New Westminster Rail Bridge

Trade & Transportation
Vancouver, British Columbia
Project Acceleration
Government of Canada

Improving BC’s Lower Mainland trade capacity

In collaboration with Public Services and Procurement Canada, Transport Canada and Infrastructure Canada, the CIB will examine the transportation needs of Asia-Pacific Gateway transportation network, including New Westminster Rail Bridge.

Fast facts

Identify rail traffic needs
Develop options for the rail bridge
Improve understanding of the Asia-Pacific Gateway transportation network
Review congestion in BC’s Lower Mainland and the Prince Rupert transportation networks
Develop recommendations to improve capacity

The Asia-Pacific Gateway transportation network encompasses ports, rail, highways and intermodal facilities connecting western Canada with Asia-Pacific economies.

CIB’s recommendations for improving the capacity of the BC’s Lower Mainland, Prince Rupert and New Westminster Rail Bridge transportation networks will increase Canada’s competitiveness in terms of trade and commerce.

Benefits of CIB involvement

Large projects take years to plan and develop and are often delayed due to limited availability of development funding. Our funding will be used to expedite assessment work.

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New Westminster Bridge, Vancouver British Columbia