Manitoba Fibre

Project Name: Manitoba Fibre

Partner: Valley Fiber Limited, DIF Capital Partners

Location: Manitoba

Sector: Broadband

Participation: $164 million (financial close)

Description: The Manitoba Fibre project involves 2,657 kilometres of fibre optic cabling, connecting approximately 48,500 underserved households with fibre-to-the-home, across rural municipalities.

The project improves current internet services which include slower, standard copper phone line and wireless access.

The service will offer broadband speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second for the first time, enhancing telecommunications services for residents, businesses and public service delivery.

Benefits of the CIB Involvement

Due to the low population density and current lack of broadband infrastructure in Manitoba, the cost of connection per household is very high. The CIB’s low financing rates will allow the project to expand at a quicker pace and lower cost to implement.

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